The YMCA Military Families Support Program is committed and proud to support our brave service members, and has created a program to help them and their families adapt to whatever changes may come their way.

Since 9/11, an estimated two million service members have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, as many as one third return suffering from persistent combat stress reactions, leaving their families and children equally impacted. In response, the Torrance-South Bay YMCA and graduate studies interns have established a community-based Military Families Support Program to address the unique mental health, physical and transitional concerns of service members, veterans and their families.


(LOCC), formed in 1970, is a member-run 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a long and rich history in the Polynesian tradition of outrigger canoe paddling. Based in King Harbor in Redondo Beach, California, LOCC is made up of a diverse group of paddlers ranging in age from 12 to 75, and from various walks of life including lifeguards, firefighters, teachers, scientists, business owners, contractors, fitness experts, computer programmers and many more. Team members come from varying athletic backgrounds; some look to be highly competitive, while others enjoy the chance to exercise and meet new friends.

The club creates an atmosphere that unites members' common interest in perpetuating and participating in Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing at its highest competitive level. LOCC encourages and promotes good sportsmanship among members and between teams. Joining provides an opportunity for members of the community to participate in a healthy and organized program of physical fitness. With the best coaching staff in California, former Olympians in our ranks, and a friendly atmosphere, LOCC has proven itself to be one of the more dynamic and winning clubs in Southern California.